TNA Wrestling Gets a New Mobile Game From Namco

Three years ago, TNA Wrestling had a video game come out for mobile devices from Namco. Now, a debut trailer was revealed for a second entry in the company’s mobile series. Namco’s first release looked surprisingly good for a mobile game – but didn’t support controllers natively. The sequel appears to have more intricate gameplay and if nothing else, has far more realistic-looking animations. Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy were the only two characters shown off, and Jeff Hardy lacked all tattoos – so it would appear to be a really early build of the game. Still, the Bully Bomb looked really smooth and the arena itself looked fine. With the rise of Android consoles and controllers, I hope this game supports controllers and winds up being playable on the OUYA since it’s unlikely Namco will bring it out there. It would be nice to play a game that wasn’t just WWE’s annual offering with a gamepad. There’s no set release date, but the trailer mentions a release later this year. Given that TNA’s biggest Pay-Per-View event is in October, that would be a likely release window.