Insomniac Games Discusses Sunset Overdrive’s Xbox One Exclusivity

Insomniac Games has been developing games exclusively for PlayStation consoles for over 15 years, but that all changed in 2011 when they announced Fuse for PS3 and Xbox 360 (Then known as Overstrike).  Last year at E3 2013, Insomniac Games announced Sunset Overdrive exclusively for Xbox One, and as you could imagine, PlayStation fans were not happy, and probably still aren’t.

So why is Sunset Overdrive an Xbox One exclusive?  Why did Insomniac Games choose Microsoft as publisher over other third party options and Sony?  Turns out it all has to do with owning the IP.

Speaking on Twitter, the developer revealed that teaming up with Microsoft, “wasn’t about money, was about our controlling and owning the IP, and their belief and desire to execute our vision with us.”

It is a fair point as almost every IP Insomniac has created is owned by another company.  Spyro was owned by Vivendi (who was purchased by Activision), and both Ratchet & Clank and Resistance are owned by Sony. Fuse was the first IP for Insomniac to ever own.

Sunset Overdrive is out fall 2014 exclusively on Xbox One.