Warframe Update 13 Hits PS4

Warframe has been a surprising hit since it came out last year, so Digital Extremes has been constantly working on updating the free-to-play experience. Whether you put money into the game or not is up to you as the primary goal seems to be speeding up progress rather than paying to win.

The new update includes various enhancements that will only add to the experience:

  • Hydroid Warframe
  • The long awaited Melee 2.0
  • End game Dark Sectors
  • New Weapons (Attica, Nami Skyla and Nikana)
  • Lex Prime Weapon
  • Four New Sugatra Melee Weapon Attachments
  • The Shock Camo Weapon Skins
  • New Enemies (Vay Hek’s Prosecutors and Guardsmen)
  • Para Sentinel Skin
  • Grineer Shipyard Tileset in Ceres
  • Ten new Dojo Rooms

Warframe is available for both PS4 and PC platforms, and it’s definitely worth checking out for the free-to-play price.