New Project Morpheus Game Could Be About A Toddler

Krillbite Studios’ Among the Sleep, a crowd-funded game about a toddler’s nightmarish exploration of his home, is coming to the PlayStation 4. The company, wanting to make the best experience on the console possible, is considering Project Morpheus for that extra dose of tension. Naturally, virtual reality is a shoe-in for first-person games what with the total immersion and whatnot, and there’s nothing scarier than being a vulnerable two-year-old. Well, having a vulnerable two-year-old, but that’s a whole different kind of scary.

Among the Sleep isn’t only unique in its premise and protagonist, but also its storytelling. Whether the danger is real or merely the twisted perception of a developing mind and his seemingly living teddy bear is up for discovery, and exploring a world through a child’s’ eyes is quite the experience. Let’s just hope the kid doesn’t end up at bible camp.

Krillbite Studios is actually among the first companies to explore Sony’s new tech, and seems to be having a blast experimenting with the possibilities. Here’s hoping they dip their feet in. For more information, check out the official post on the PlayStation blog.