New Tomodachi Life Commercial Is Embarrassing

I play a lot of game’s intended for little girls. Some by choice, others not so much. The point is, they’re essentially the bread and butter of my game collection — which, by all accounts, is still leagues less embarrassing than Nintendo’s latest attempt at attracting young girls. I thought that was a skill all Japanese businessmen had?

I can’t make the judgement for everyone, but I feel as if the commercial should begin with “in accordance with Megan’s law…”

The only thing more ridiculous than this commercial is Nintendo’s complete lack of marketing aptitude for, well, any demographic. Back in the day, Nintendo’s commercials featured an army of children escaping from their desks of boredom, rushing the streets of Japan, dressing up as famous Nintendo characters and assaulting a store owner. They would trample his lifeless body and claim ownership of all things Nintendo, while singing the song of their people. Okay, most of that didn’t happen, but it could have. It’s all about imagination, and that’s something Nintendo is currently lacking.

With that said, the commercial sold me on Tomodachi life. Maybe it was the rapping? The silly relationships? I don’t know, but I’ll have a lot less candy to clean out from the back of my SUV come June.