Does the Peggle 2 DLC Contain Sexually Suggestive Puzzle Design?

I loved my time with Peggle 2 back in December. It provided more of the same Peggle action, but with some wacky characters as your guides and crazy power-ups. Now that the DLC’s been out for a while, we’re going to take a look at it and determine if it’s worth the price of admission. The first thing you notice is just how many words this DLC pack’s name contains. After overcoming that hurdle, you download this puppy and you feel ready to take on the world! Or at least the ten core levels and ten challenge trials that are contained within it — your purchase price does not in fact include a world, or even a virtual globe. The final hurdle is deciding whether or not the developers had a Freudian slip.


The fairy master expansion begins with the most chanty song ever in a fairly basic tutorial level. If you haven’t played the game since its initial release, this eases you back into the game’s mechanics nicely. After that, you’re greeted with a rather surprising level setup — one that can best be described as a penis and testicle combination. To say that this is an unexpected development would be an understatement. Once the initial shock wears off, you wipe the tears from your eyes due to laughing and get down to business. This stage relies on properly getting your ball to loop around the semi-circles properly in order to succeed. Having 10 chances to do this, and maybe a couple of more if the coin flip for a lost ball works in your favor, makes this early stage fairly doable with some luck.

After a tough challenge, you get to stage three and reach… a stage shaped like pair of breasts. This is simply amazing.  To make it even funnier, you’ve got two circles right in the dead center that are absolutely, positively not nipples in the slightest. Well on a practical level, they’re not – unless you’ve got a surplus of rubber-crafted nipples that literally bounce things around. This stage is naturally harder than the prior one, with tighter spaces to move around in and more orange pieces to hit. As you can see below, there isn’t much pink on the screen, and that means the score-boosting talents of Windy’s fairy helpers are of little use. Luckily, since this stage is so tightly-packed, you can use the boulder-tossing master here to eventually clear it if you really struggle.


After that, the levels are just kind of interchangeable. They’re not too difficult, which can give you a false sense of security as the trials most certainly are. Those are basically efficiency tests because they greatly limit the amount of shots you can take and have far more strict requirements for completion than just getting rid of all the orange pegs. They’ll test your skills and humble you pretty quickly. At only $2, this DLC pack is a no-brainer. Peggle 2 as a whole is one of the most fun experiences on the Xbox One, and now that it’s on the Xbox 360 as well, more people can enjoy it. If you dug the core game, definitely get this if you haven’t done so already.