Sekai Project to Localize Fault Milestone One

It’s a good time to be a visual novel fan. What Western fans once had to buy online from eyebrow-raising websites can now be purchased on Steam or consoles. Sekai Project, who recently released Narcissu and World End Economica on Steam, have announced they are localizing Fault Milestone One.

Fault Milestone One was originally developed by Alice in Dissonance in 2013. Here is Sekai Project’s official description of the visual novel:

“After 60 years of peace, the mana crafting civilization Ruzenheid came to an end. An unknown enemy attacked, and destroyed, Ruzenheid Castle. Princess Selfine was able to escape the burning ruins with the help of Ritona, her childhood friend, who created a teleportation craft.

However, instead of finding salvation, they found themselves deep in a strange forest.

This is their story – a story of strangers in a strange realm trying to make it back home.”

No release window was specified but Fault Milestone One will launch on Steam.