SUPERHOT Met With Ultra Warm Reception on Kickstarter

Do you remember that world in Braid where time only moved when Tim moved? SUPERHOT is kind of like that, only it’s a full-blown first person shooter. If you think that sounds crazy, then you are absolutely right. The game was originally envisioned for the 7DFPS challenge, the same game jam responsible for gems like Receiver and Probably Archery, and the early prototype they build for the jam caught on like wildfire. Let’s Players throughout Youtube picked up the game and loved it, Epic’s Cliff Bleszinski said it “deserves all the monies,” and the game shot through Steam Greenlight in just two days. With momentum like that, a Kickstarter campaign was inevitable.

By all appearances, that momentum is carrying through. SUPERHOT‘s Kickstarter campaign – which promises to add more enemies, guns, levels, and modes while spiffing up the game’s slick minimalistic graphics – has raised $86,000 in the 16 hours it’s been live, and it’s likely to be fully funded before the day is out. It’s thrilling to see this kind of response to an innovative indie title, especially when one of the big selling points is an extensive story mode. Only time will tell if the campaign can keep this up, but if it maintains even half this pace it could easily crack a million dollars. The team doesn’t have any stretch goals posted yet, but it’s looking like they’ll really need some.