CHIKARA Pro Wrestling Beat-Em Up Game Comes to Kickstarter

In the 10+ years of its life, CHIKARA has carved a niche out for itself as a wrestling promotion built on fun. They’re known for being one of the most fan-friendly companies out there, and even released a DVD sampler for $1 back when DVDs were still a viable format to make money with. Now, they’re turning to Kickstarter to craft Rudo Resurrection. A 2D brawler was planned for the company before, but it never happened. Now, it’s coming back to life as a 2.5D brawler from Rotary Games. They’ve got a proof of concept video showing the game running, and if it seems odd that wrestling would be in a beat-em-up, it shouldn’t. The company is largely built around comic book/superhero characters that have a larger-than-life look to them. The Unreal 4 engine will be used for it to ensure that this retro-styled game has a modern touch to it.

They’re seeking $50,000 and have got a little over $3,300 as of this writing. For a limited time, $10 gets you a copy of the game, while $15 is the standard price. $25 gets you the game and the OST, while $40 gets you all of that and a PDF art book. $50 grants you early access, while $75 gets you a shirt for either the game or the development team. Higher-end tiers get you a party, while $1,000 gets you in the game as an NPC. $5,000 gets you a party and a hand-crafted statue of Ultramantis Black. It’s hard to recommend that tier for many people, but at $10 for a limited time, it’s easy to recommend spending a bit of money to help the game get made and get a copy of it yourself.