Indie Royale Debut 13 Bundle Released

The thirteenth installment of the debut bundle gives you six games that need some love on Steam greenlight. Toxic Bunny HD is an action platformer straight of the 16-bit era’s wacky protagonist characters. The Howler is a stunning action-puzzle game, while Data Hacker – Initiation is a 16-bit-style JRPG. Memories of a Vagabond gives you more JRPG love, while Age of Conquest III is a turn-based strategy game akin to Risk. ONE DAY for Ched is the final game offered up, and the only one that is a first-person corridor shooter. Everything here is offered up on Desura presently, with Steam support coming later for all games that wind up making it onto the service. For a current minimum of around $3, Toxic Bunny and the RPGs look to be worth the price of admission.