Halo 1-4 Remastered Collection Coming to Xbox One in 2014?

With the news of Halo 5 coming in 2015, it did seem to leave 2014 a bit barren for Halo on next-gen platforms. Now, word has surfaced from Engadget that a collection of the core Halo 1, 2, 3, and 4 experiences are going to be put together in a Master Chief-centric Halo collection. With the focus on Master Chief, it would seem like ODST and Reach wouldn’t be included, but who knows – it makes sense to just release the base games in a stand-alone set, and then release those things as DLC down the line.

Neither Microsoft, nor 343 Industries, or the folks who handled the Anniversary Edition of the original Halo Saber Interactive have said anything about it yet. Hopefully, we get more information on this in the coming days, because a remastered Halo collection would look outstanding and should be even more fun to play with the Xbox One’s revamped controller.