Daylight Trophy Guide

Daylight is a survival game combing horror and supernatural elements. It’s a short, often jump-scary romp through multiple procedurally generated environments, essentially making the game infinitely replayable. Here at Hardcore Gamer, we really liked the game, so we decided to put together a trophy guide for all you completionists out there. If you need additional assistance, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

Note: This guide does not follow the official trophy list in terms of order. Instead, it’s arranged according to trophy type (i.e. bronze, silver, gold, platinum). The trophy guide contains no spoilers.



Collect every remnant and photograph in a playthrough. There’s a total of 104 remnants and 13 photographs in Daylight. Unfortunately, remnants are randomly generated, so a location guide is off the table. Be sure to inspect every cabinet, table, desk, container and point of interest before leaving any given area in the game. They’re not difficult to locate in most cases. Unlocking this trophy will also unlock No Stone Unturned and Collector.

Difficulty: Time Consuming


Collect the thirteen cursed photos. Below is a list of all photo locations. Note: Photos are located in the beginning area of every chapter, so be sure to inspect the environment closely.

  • Hospital: The first photograph is found at the very beginning of the game. Head up to the lobby and search for a gathering of chairs in the right corner of the room. The photo is on one of the chairs.
  • Warehouse: Once in the warehouse, locate the office entrance. As you enter, you’ll see boxes lining the wall to your left. The second photograph is behind the boxes.
  • Warehouse: In the same area, walking alongside the wall as it turns to the right. There will be another pile of boxes. The third photograph is behind them.
  • Prison: In the doctors office, after unlocking the secret door, you’ll see several boxes as well as the entrance to the prison area. The fourth photograph is behind some boxes to the left of the screen.
  • Prison: As you’re exiting the prison, you’ll notice fairly clean crates at the far end of the room. The fifth photograph is on top of one of the crates. Note: A ghost appears on a gurney in the same area.
  • Prison: After activating the switch in the area, follow its path to a doorway at the end of the hall. The sixth photograph is behind some boxes in the back of the room.
  • Sewers: Before entering the sewers by dropping into the hole in the floor, walk around the hole by following the wall. The seventh photograph is on top of some boxes in the area.
  • Sewers: Near the sewer entry hole, and close to the seventh photograph, the eighth photograph is located on the floor in the corner of the room.
  • Docks: Once you leave the sewers you’ll find a large well. Follow the right wall into the boiler room. The ninth photograph is on a crate near a large, dingy pipe.
  • Docks: Once you reach the lower level, you’ll need to activate the bridge and cross the well. Instead of turning right, make a left into the dead end. The tenth photograph is on the floor in the back.
  • Docks: Once you reach the actual docks, at the very end of the first path you’ll find a large crate. The eleventh photograph is attached to it.
  • Docks: On the second dock, once you exit the shack, walk to the very end near the water. The twelfth photograph is located on top of a cleat.
  • Forest: When leaving the forest, you’ll find another dock. While looking towards the water, locate a wall positioned directly in the middle of the area. The thirteenth photograph is attached to the wall. Note: You’ll be required to walk through the water in order to grab the photo. Since water hurts you, plot your path accordingly. There’s a stack of crates near the photos location. Rush to the boxes and climb out quickly.

Difficulty: Time Consuming


Collect the minimum number of remnants in a playthrough. There’s a number in the right corner of the screen during gameplay. Collect remnants when the numbers appear, and avoid doing so once the minimum for the area has been met. Remnants that must be collected for story progression don’t apply.

Difficulty: Easy

Lone Wolf

Finish the game using only a single flare. This trophy is intimidating, but not as difficult as it seems. When playing on easy, there are fewer instances where flares must be used in order to survive. Simply turn around and run when attacked by a witch, as they can’t damage you as long as you’re facing away from them. Flares that must be used for story progression don’t apply.

Difficulty: Medium

No Stone Unturned

Collect every single remnant. Like the Historian trophy, you’re required to collect every remnant in the game. The difference is that the remnants collected here carry over between playthroughs, and can be collected at your own pace.

Difficulty: Time Consuming


Survive 50 witch attacks. While not necessarily hard, you’ll need to take damage without dying 50 times. I’m sure that there are multiple viable methods, but we chose to wait for a witch to appear, and spun the character around so that we’d face each other every few seconds. After some minutes of doing so you’ll unlock the trophy. If things become hectic, simply escape from the witch and wait for another to appear.

Difficulty: Medium

A Bright Idea

Use a flare to keep a witch away. Once attacked by a witch, light up a flare and wait for the witch to buckle down. Once she does, stand near her remains and the trophy is yours.

Difficulty: Easy


Finish the game on hard difficulty. On hard, Daylight is a different experience. Since witches, like the areas and remnants in the game, are randomly generated, it’s entirely possible that you’ll be killed without warning due to the games procedural design. With that said, simply avoid staring at witches head on, as they can’t harm you if you’re not facing them. Alternatively, you can simply play the game on easy and switch to hard in the menu before completing the final chapter.

Difficulty: Hard

Outpatient Procedure

Escape the hospital. This trophy is earned as you progress through the story.

Difficulty: Easy

Prison Break

Escape the prison. This trophy is earned as you progress through the story.

Difficulty: Easy

Breath of Fresh Air

Escape the sewers. This trophy is earned as you progress through the story.

Difficulty: Easy

Out of the Woods

Escape the forest. This trophy is earned as you progress through the story.

Difficulty: Easy

Just Like Your Mother

Confront Dr. Mercer and learn the truth. This trophy is earned as you progress through the story.

Difficulty: Easy



Use a glowstick to unveil a secret. During your second romp in the warehouse, you’ll find a fiery hallway while exploring the area. As the ghost at the end of the hallway approaches you, move the glowstick to the right of the screen to reveal a painting — the trophy will unlock as the ghost and fire vanish. If it doesn’t, simply walk along the right wall of boxes with your glowstick until you see a large empty picture frame.

Difficulty: Easy

Full Circle

Finish the game on any difficulty.

Difficulty: Easy/Medium/Hard

Picture of Health

Finish the game without dying. This trophy can be obtained on the easiest difficulty level.

Difficulty: Easy