Amazon Offers Up $20 in Apps For a $7 GTA: San Andreas Purchase

if you’ve got an Android device and feel like rolling through Grove street again, Amazon’s got a great deal on their app store. For the cost of a $7 app, you’ll get $20 in Amazon coins – effectively making that game free and giving you $13 to buy the other games in the GTA Trilogy.  Along with Virtua Tennis Challenge being free for a day, it’s pretty clear that Amazon is doing what it can to make Amazon FireTV seem like an unbeatable value since you do get a fair amount of free gaming content for it. As a nice bonus, devices like the OUYA that can sideload the Amazon Appstore easily tend to run a lot of these controller-ready games fairly well. GTA III and Vice City have been confirmed as working with the OUYA, but I’ve yet to try San Andreas, nor have I heard of anyone trying and getting it to work.