Udon Entertainment Brings Us An Enormous Darkstalkers Art Book

Earlier this week, Udon Entertainment released Darkstalkers: Official Complete Works and it is as official and complete as a Darkstalkers fan could hope for. Not only is this a compendium of the artwork from the entire Darkstalkers series, but the book will contain concept art, promotional work, and even creator commentary as well. The book is also a behemoth of work, containing 224 pages of Darkstalker related goodness. The list price is $39.99, but over at Amazon they have the book for sale at $28.96, which seems completely arbitrary but hey, we aren’t going to turn down a deal.

They even give you a free ten page preview over at their site, the majority of which we have included below. If this preview is any indication, we can expect to see high quality artwork, an array of different art styles, and an insane amount of Morrigan cleavage. Seriously, they might as well called the book “Morrigan’s Breasts and Other Stuff We’re Sure You’ll Never Look At” for the focus they give it. Presumably, there are some other really cool tidbits hiding in here somewhere if you look at the full book, but for now you’ll just have this little tease to look at unless you want to buy the whole thing.