Virtua Tennis Challenge Free on Amazon Appstore – Works Perfectly With OUYA

If you love the Virtua Tennis games and would love to check them out either on the go or on an Android console, Amazon’s got a deal for you. Their daily free app has taken the excellent Virtua Tennis Challenge, which I enjoyed immensely here, and made it free for May 18. Visually, it’s about on-par with the Dreamcast original, but with slightly beefier character models. It controls perfectly, and works just as well on the OUYA without any tinkering. That means it should run just fine on the Mad Catz MOJO, and it’s one of the controller-capable games for the Amazon Fire TV.  If you’ve got an Android microconsole and a thirst to play some tennis on it, download this as soon as you can – it’s an incredible game.