Steam Weeklong Deals Begin – Half-Minute Hero Only $2

This week’s Steam weeklong sale is among the most underwhelming in a while. Without a doubt, the most appealing deal this week is the original Half-Minute Hero for only $2. This fast-paced homage to JRPG tropes is a must-buy for those who either love or love to lampoon, the genre. The retro-styled Nidhogg is only $10, making it a solid pickup if you’ve got some friends for local combat. Red Faction II is $2.50 thanks to a 75% off discount, while a 70% discount takes Starpoint Gemini down to $4.19. Superfrog HD can be yours for $5, while Stick it to the Man will only cost you nine cents more. Red Faction Guerrilla is easily the best Red Faction game yet, and at only $5, it’s a good time to buy it if you missed it in a humble bundle. Red Faction: Armageddon is also $5, but not quite as good.  Imagine Me is also only $5, while MDK 2 HD is $7.50 and Waves is $2. Peggle, Peggle Nights, and Bejeweled 2 are $.50, while the original Red Faction is $2.50. Normally, there’s at least one top-level game on sale, but this is more a week of secondary game deals – so if you’ve got some holes in your collection, you can fill them in here.