Take Down Monsters or Stay in Jail Forever in Freedom Wars

Japanese game developers are starting to make their rounds back to the states as evidence of popularity among Japanese role-playing and adventure titles are more paramount than ever before. While the US version of the PS Vita have been coming up a tad short in this department, the PlayStation handheld console gained success with titles like God Eater. However, PlayStation is starting to make some changes in localizing similar franchises, with Freedom Wars being one of the most anticipated this year.

As developed by Shift, Freedom Wars takes on the future, heavily polluted setup of our earth. With very few resources left to accompany humans in warding from the contaminated atmosphere, war is waged over the pursuit of several life saving Panopticons, a living facility that blocks out Earth’s atmosphere.

Freedom Wars1

In the game, players take on one of the many prisoners held inside the Panopticons. This particular inmate, however, has lost every trace of his memory and according to Aries, an android penitentiary staff, he must fight off monsters known as Abductors in order to help reduce his million-year sentence for committing the “crime of living.”

If you’re an anime nerd, much of the gameplay in Freedom Wars somewhat mirror some high-octane Attack on Titan episodes. No doubt, these Abductors are giant, Titan-like bosses who carry around a hostage inside their transparent bellies.

Players taking on the no name “Accessory” must utilize various weapons such as sharp, swift sword or body piercing hand guns. These weapons can be switched on the fly, allowing for a third person shooting frenzy or a free-roaming, hack and slash beat down. Inmates must also work with their Batclaw-esque power known as their Thorn. These thorny, Bulbasaur-like thorns can be latched onto high places for better reach and to also latch onto Abductors and other freakish looking enemies, a tactic that will allow for delivering major, massive damage. Putting the hammer on Abductors will not only grant your inmate a shorter prison sentence, but you’ll also be saving a future inmate for your designated Panoticon. One could speculate that these buildings are the first home for victims and newborns, ready to be utilized for battle by the government.

Freedom Wars2

The great part of this game is that your doomed-for-eternity inmate is fully customizable in the online aspect of the game. When creating your male or female character, the amount of items you can mismatch when dressing up your character is vast. There a plenty of costumes, hair styles, hair colors and various label prints to attach on clothing or on the skin.

Whether it’d be completing successful rescue missions with other online inmates or playing a deathmatch against enemy squad members, the online play for Freedom Wars comes with plenty of modes that your newly customized character can engage in. This aspect of the game looks to be more promising than the main campaign mode, as there are sure to be levels and special weapons to be acquired.

Seeing as how this title will be one of the plenty Japanese titles to be localized for the PlayStation Vita, the handheld is starting take form of a competitive console to rival against Nintendo 3DS, which has titles like Bravely Default, Shin Megami Tensei IV and Fire Emblem.

The anime style character design, unique story outline and the violent, yet exhilarating battle play in Freedom Wars seems like it could be a rewarding experience once it hits American shelves. Unfortunately, Sony has yet to give us an exact date of when that will happen.

Until then, check out this awesome trailer below!