Whispering Willows Coming to OUYA May 27 and Steam June 17

The OUYA is lacking in both puzzle and horror games, and in a little over one week, it will get a combination of the two in Whispering Willows. Nightlight Interactive’s game is a 2D puzzle/platformer with a dark visual style. The game’s world looks lived-in and quite dirty. If you’ve longed for a game that reflected reality a bit more, then this looks like something you’ll want to keep an eye on. As Elena, you explore the haunted Willows mansion to find clues about her missing father. Luckily, she has the ability to project her essence outside her body to solve puzzles and figure out just what happened to him. With its sharp 2D art style, it looks like one of the nicest games for the OUYA. Those without the system will have to wait about three weeks to play it when it launches on Steam June 17.