Playstation Now PS3 Beta Codes Will Work For PS4

If you did not hear the news yesterday, Sony has announced that it has opened the flood gates of Playstation Now for PS4 users. Sony stated that codes would start going out today (20 May), and users have begun to confirm receipt of the beta codes. There was one problem; the emails containing the Beta codes from Sony which arrived today, stated that the code was for PS3 and when PS4 users tried to use the code, it would not download. Sony has since responded and stated that the codes sent out today are actually for PS4 users . I suspect the “PS3” in the emails was just a typo.

Users have also reported not being able to download the Playstation Now application on the PS4. Sony also responded to this matter stating that the PS4 Playstation Beta app was currently down and would be brought back to working order sometime today. No specific time was given.

If you have a quick trigger finger and deleted that code thinking it was for PS3, you may want to scour your recycle bin and retrieve it.