PS Store Update Live – Puppeteer Free For PS+ Members

This week’s PS Store update brings with it a criminally-underperforming PS+ freebie in the form of the Puppeteer. This incredible side-scrolling platformer came out at about the worst possible time, and was doomed to its PS+ freebie fate immediately upon release right around the launch of next-gen hardware. It’s such a shame too since it’s a charming game that looks amazing even with next-gen stuff out there. One great thing about it being free, other than it being a fantastic entry in the instant game collection, is that more people will have a chance to experience the game now. Destiny is available for pre-order on both the PS3 and PS4, while the Ultra Street Fighter IV Upgrade DLC can be yours for $15. Transistor and Wolfenstein: The New Order hit for $20 and $60 respectively, while Sparkle 2 hits cross-buy on the Vita and PS4 for $8. Drakengard 3 is $50 on PS3, while Mugen Souls Z can be yours at that price too. R-Type Dimensions brings you R-Type 1 and 2 in both original 2D or 3D graphics for $10. Five PS1 imports hit the marketplace for $6 each, and the Dish Network app hits the PS3. Beyond PS+ users getting Puppeteer for free, you can also get God Mode for $5. Don’t get God Mode for $5, you’re better off spending that $5 on the DLC for Muramasa Rebirth or Trine 2 on the PS3.