Universim Kickstarter Wrapping Up, Striving Towards Stretch Goals

It hasn’t been a bad month at all for Universim, which burst onto Kickstarter and garnered loads of attention with its stylish take on the god game.  You’ve got a planet inhabited by cute little minimalist people, and while you can influence them you can’t control them directly.  Set research paths, advance through technological ages, and then spread to the stars to colonize new worlds.  Basically, like Spore (without the alien designing) meets Godus (without the ungodly levels of free-to-play suckage).  All the stars in the sky are promised to be yours to explore and colonize, with no microtransactions, paid expansions, or DRM.  It sounds lovely and the preview video had a giant alien robot tearing apart a planet, so there was simply no way to resist its call.  Now there’s three days left on the clock, it will probably cross the initial funding goal by the time you read this, and then it’s on to try for a stretch goal or two.

With the usual momentum of the final days it seems likely it should attain two of them, and while the first is simply multi-language support the second is adding the Dinosaur Era.  Initially the Dinosaur Era goal was an object editor, but the ability to modify vehicles and species was so appealing that it got rolled into the full game.  It’s been replaced with dinosaurs, which is always a good thing, and it starts the clock on your civilization a few million (historically inaccurate) years earlier.  There’s three days left to make the $80,000 necessary for dinosaurs, but with a little bit of luck and attention maybe we can see Universim become the god game it hopes to be.