June Xbox One Update Features Revealed

The Xbox One has been dominating video game news for the last week or so, with the announcement of a $399 Kinect-free SKU highlighting last week’s headlines. Being that the Xbox One’s user interface is so heavily dependent on voice-commands, it seems logical that we could see a major update upon the new iteration’s launch on June 9th. However, as of now, the new details for the June Xbox One system update fail to mention any plans to rework the conole’s UI.

Xbox One users will be getting a number of intriguing features next month, with external storage support and automatic sign-in highlighting the changes. Players will now be able to plug an external hard drive  (256 GB or larger, USB 3.0) into their consoles, giving them the ability to copy and move games, apps, and DLC onto the separate storage device. Microsoft noted that this feature will allow Xbox One users to play their downloaded games on other Xbox Ones with increased ease.

This is also a great way to take your content to a friend’s house and get straight into a game directly from an external drive. You’ll need to sign in to Xbox Live if you’ve purchased your content digitally or insert a disc to verify your game ownership when you take your content on the road,” according to Major Nelson. “The great benefit here is there’s no need to wait to re-download your game and all the DLC.” 

Players will also be able to have their console sign-in without facial recognition, something that has caused widespread frustration among Xbox One users. The tradition of the PS4 and Xbox One trading features will continue, as the Xbox One will be given real name support. Gone are the days where you will wonder who “KillDemN00bz100” is. SmartGlass will also be updated, as Microsoft is bringing universal remote control and OneGuide functionality to the second-screen app (perhaps in response to the new Kinect-free SKU)Additionally, the framework for the new Deals with Gold and Games with Gold services will be put in place, and OneGuide will be given increased market support.

Finally, those looking to watch Netflix in peace will be happy to learn that the Xbox Live Gold subscription requirement will be lifted for entertainment apps.