Super Pixalo Launches on the OUYA – $3 For Opening Week

Earlier this month, we reported on the release of Super Pixalo for the OUYA. This 2D platformer looks like it could be the OUYA’s version of Super Meat Boy in that it’s got a precision-platformer style, but this has a far brighter color palette. The OUYA was designed with indie gaming in mind and right after Duck Game’s rave reviews, this should follow in its footsteps soon enough. The game sends you through five decades of gaming history – the 1970s into the 2010s. As someone who’s played through four of those decades to some degree, I immediately made sure to check for greying and/or thinning hair after seeing that screen. The free portion of the game gives you access to four ’70s stages and a training level. Even early on, the game forces you to think about your jumps as some collectables can be tricky and you’ll always be shamed seeing a half-covered completion screen after beating a level until you grab something from the stage. Based on just the four free sections, I can say that I love Pixalo’s smart-ass comments and the precision-platforming is rewarding.

Sadly, the OUYA pad did seem to cause a problem as I was just moving left for a little while without pressing any buttons – but that’s also going with a Kickstarter batch of the controller and not one of the revamped newer ones you can get in stores now. After a few minutes of gameplay, I can see that the game is easily worth $3, and I’ve got to commend Phil Royer for offering up a 40% discount for the first week. Everyone’s used to getting 10% off via Steam, and some games getting a bit more than that thanks to promo codes at Green Man Gaming, but giving that kind of a discount early on is pretty crazy. Hopefully it pays off, as he’s got a kid on the way and it never hurts to have a nest egg built up. If you’ve got an OUYA, you owe it to yourself to check this out.