Amazon Coin Deals That Offer Up Gaming Greatness For Next to Nothing

The Amazon Coin system came under a fire a bit when it was first released, but its 1:1 nature with pennies makes it much easier to keep track of in your head than Microsoft’s old point system did. They’ve also been quite generous with free offers and coin giveaways with purchases, and they’re doing some big promotions now. If you buy Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Kindle Fire Edition, sadly), you’ll get $20 in coins for your $7 purchase. That basically gives you $13 in credit for buying the game, and makes that free in the long run. You can also download any of these apps for free and get 200 coins (or $2) for doing so. None of these require a Kindle, and will work on any tablet you have. You might be wondering just what to spend these coins on, and as an OUYA owner with a lot of sideloaded stuff, I’ve got a few suggestions. Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City spring to mind, with Vice City apparently working just fine on the OUYA, but you might not have luck with the Kindle Tablet-only GTA III. Twin-stick shooter fans will want to pick up JoyJoy, which runs flawlessly on the OUYA. The Double Dragon Trilogy is also available for $3, gives you 90 coins back,and each game runs perfectly sideloaded on the OUYA. Given how terrible the console ports of each game in the series wound up being, it’s amazing to see solid versions of them available in mobile format and playable on a microconsole.

Sonic the Hedgehog fans also have a lot to love with this as the revamped versions of Sonic 1, 2, and CD run perfectly while both episodes of Sonic 4 play fine as well. Gameloft is known as the king of mobile gaming as far as offering up console-esque experiences on the go, and their higher-priced titles like Modern Combat 4 can be yours at no cost thanks to these deals. You can also fly around Las Vegas in a jetpack as a disgruntled MMA fighter in Gangstar Vegas. I’m reasonably certain our own Lee Cooper was the inspiration for at least the jet pack portions of this. If you missed out on Virtua Tennis Challenge being free recently, then spending $5 in credit on it wouldn’t be the worst move. It runs flawlessly on the OUYA as well. Many games don’t run perfectly though, so be sure to check this thread on the OUYA Forum before buying things you’re unsure about. My advice would be to only buy things you’re interested in and not snatch up things just for the sake of doing so – although a purchase of Goat Rampage is rather tempting. The longer you hold onto the coins, the more you’ll be able to get with them as sales on apps are fairly frequent and new paid stuff could become available and leave you paying with actual cash instead of the coins.