Humble Weekly Bundle Focuses on Triumph and Larian

If you’re in the mood for some fantasy-based strategy gaming, this is a humble bundle you’ll want to pay attention to. You can pay what you want for Age of Wonders, Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic, Divine Divinity, and Beyond Divinity. Paying $6 or more gets you Age of Wonders II: The Wizard’s Throne and Divinity II: The Developer’s Cut. Those willing to spend $15 or more get Divinity: Dragon Commander. This bundle sticks to a particular kind of game very well, so if you’re curious about checking them out, give this a shot. The pay what you want model means that it doesn’t cost you much to try them out, and if you dig the stuff in that tier, then you can always spend more on the bundle later and get the additional games down the line.