New images for Hyrule Warriors revealed, Impa playable

One of the oddball Wii U titles revealed last year, Nintendo/Tecmo Koei’s upcoming Hyrule warrior has become a game to keep an eye out for. For one, it’s certainly not going to be played the same way as all previous Zelda before it; it will, instead, play much like Koei’s popular Dynasty Warriors (and others like it) franchise with a Zelda motif.

Famitsu magazine revealed new images of the game, and revealed that Zelda’s long time gaurdian, Impa, will be playable, and a couple of images showcasing possible villains for the game, with that old Tecmo charm to one of them. Hyrule Warriors is schedule to be playable at E3 this year and is set to release in August this year in Japan, with a rumored Limited Edition in the works. Hopefully there won’t be a long period in between its Japan release and release elsewhere.