Digital Games Mayhem Sale Begins on Amazon and Offers a Metric Ton of Savings

It’s heating up outside, and to celebrate, Amazon’s determined to keep gamers indoors and pasty with a massive digital game sale. $22.50 gets you all of the Arkham games and their DLC – sans the recent Blackgate release. $25.50 gets you the Rockstar Ultimate Collection, with pretty much everything in their digital library included. The best individual deal there is LA Noire: Complete for $6. The Saints Row Franchise Pack is only $18.75 and the Sonic Everywhere Pack gives you 17 games for $12. An underrated Sega game in Alpha Protocol can be yours for $3. Syndicate’s reboot and The Saobteur are bundled together for a shade under $5, while the Crysis Trilogy is only $25. The Splinter Cell Pack gets you five games for $27, although it is worth noting that Conviction does have issues running on Windows 8 machines, so if that’s your OS, be prepared for some problems. In general, if anything is 5+ years old, make sure that it runs on a newer OS. There are over 800 games on sale, so be sure to check out the main deal page.