New Pokémon Vivillon Pattern to be Distributed

Many Pokémon trainers are collectors. Some try to catch them all, some just go for specific types and thanks to X and Y, there are some looking for every color, form and variation of each Pokémon. In the most recent game released, a Pokémon called Vivillon comes in an array of colors making it the most diverse monster out of the 700+ Pokémon. Wherever you live, Vivillon will have a unique pattern on its wings. People living in Japan will run into wild Vivillons with different colors than folks in the United Kingdom.

Today, Game Freak announced a brand new pattern for Vivillon. It’s called the Fancy Pattern Vivillion and it has the shapes of three flowers on each wing. The only way to obtain this new colorful Pokémon is to wait for a special event to take place. But for that to occur, trainers need to step up their trading on the GTS because after the 100th million Pokémon is traded they will set up the event.

At the moment there have been about 90 million Pokémon that have been sent through the trade. The huge 100 million milestone can be reached in no time. It’s fun to see the company releasing new Pokémon, system updates and different battle modes to give fans a challenge. And this is a big deal for the game. It really shows how much players are involved with the game. They’re constantly trading and battling with others across the world which is what Game Freak and Nintendo wanted.