Sony Disappoints Everybody By Only Streaming Three Minutes of The Order: 1886

Earlier today, Sony teased that it would be showing off The Order: 1886 at 1 PM PST today on their Twitch channel. More than twenty thousand people gathered to see what they hope would be a major reveal for the game. What they got, however, was a mere three minutes of new footage.

In a world where streams last hours upon hours, suffice it to say it was just a bit disappointing. After all, Sony said “the revolution would be televised.” By revolution, we suppose they meant three new minutes of footage.

Thankfully, what was shown looked incredible. We saw a glimpse of Chapter III of the game, showing off a few minutes of gameplay and a quick story sequence. Frame rate looked strong and the character models were especially convincing. Weapons also looked to be a blast, channeling Insomniac. It’s also worth noting how strong the voice acting and lip syncing was shown to be. The spot than repeated and the channel went offline.

It was great footage, but footage that seemed better suited for a YouTube video. Fans watching the video expressed their disappointment, making comments like “what a waste of time” and “is that it?”

All in all, it seemed to be an artificial way for  Sony to stir up excitement for the game. Give us an interview with the lead developer at the end, a roundtable with commentators — something to make it feel like an event and not a live trailer.

Hopefully nobody skipped work for it.

The hope is that this was a tease for a more substantial reveal at E3, hopefully complete with a release date announcement. But Sony made no such “See more at E3” tease at the end of the footage, so what’s to happen next seems to be up in the air at this point.

Check out gameplay footage from the stream here: