Infinity Runner Launch Trailer Shows Werewolves, Space, and Lots of Running

A couple months back we got our first glimpses of Infinity Runner, an upcoming game from Wales Interactive. The initial teaser was just that, a tease, but what was shown did get us excited for the game’s full release. With the final release almost upon us the game has now gotten a launch trailer, which shows off a bit more of what we can look forward to in the full game.

We knew from previous information that the game is a first person free-running game in a science fiction setting, but in this trailer we get a much better look at the game in action. The trailer shows off a bunch sequences of running, which look to demand lightning fast reflexes and quick decision making. We also got a look at some combat encounters against what look to be masked soldiers. It’s tough to get a real sense of how this combat plays, but it seems to be mostly close quarters fisticuffs that happens, like the rest of the game, at high speeds.

From a story point of view this trailer divulges a little more than the first one, but things are still left ambiguous. The strange image of a woman accompanied by a synthesized voice telling you to wake up remains a mystery, but I’d bet she is some sort of automated artificial intelligence aboard the enormous ship, The Infinity, that the game takes place aboard. The trailer also gives us several clear looks at the wolf creatures that have made the ship their home, which raises many questions about their origins and intentions. We also get a quick look at the player character being injected with some sort of green liquid from a huge needle, what purpose it serves is left to the imagination.

While information on the story and gameplay leaves much to speculate upon, the trailer does give a nice taste of the game’s great visuals and environment variety. We get a look at the outside of the Infinity, which gives a good representation of the ship’s massive size. Throughout the trailer we see running in dimly lit hallways illuminated only by ominous green lights, industrial looking catwalks, corridors filled with electrified floors, and even some sequences of what appears to be free fall through huge rooms. The game boasts 14 levels, and the variety of environments we see in just this short trailer is exciting, especially given the fidelity with which it is all presented.


Infinity Runner is set for release on for PC via Steam on June 2 and sometime down the line on PS3, PS4, and Wii U. Check back soon for our review.