Farrah Rogue – Zero Hour Hits Kickstarter, Gets Playable OUYA Preview Build

Well, this is a huge surprise. Farrah Rogue – Zero Hour just hit Kickstarter and it’s already got a developer preview build available for anyone to play on the OUYA. The days of couch multiplayer in FPS games has largely disappeared, but now Farrah Rogue is out to resurrect it to some degree. James Guard is seeking $25,000 to make the game, with a shade under $400 being pledged as of this writing. I tried the game out and for a dev build, it’s fantastic…usually. During one of the three available stages, the controls went all wonky on me and it led to me dying slightly faster than usual. The incinerator stage is fantastic though, and the Super Mario Kart-style color-coding of the stages means no one can just camp out to survive. He’s got 32 days to reach his goal, and it only takes $10 to get the game.  If more than $25,000 is attained, then stretch goals kick in at $30,000 with three extra characters. $35 unlocks a few cheat modes ala the Rare N64 FPS games, while $45,000 would bring AI bots into the mix. $60,000 would double the level count, while $80,000 would bring in a campaign, and finally, $100,000 would add online multiplayer. I had a lot of fun with it in local multiplayer, but this game would definitely benefit from online play – just like Neon Shadow is also more replayable thanks to it.