Humble PC and Android Bundle 10 Released

The tenth PC and Android bundle is now available, and lets you pay what you want for $3 with four more behind a bigger paywall. The pay what you want tier features Symphony, which I loved a lot nearly two years ago, Draw a Stickman: EPIC, and a double pack of Galcon Legends and Galcon Fusion.  Paying more than $4.75 gets you Skulls of the Shogun, Metal Slug 3, Fieldrunner 2, and Breach & Clear. There will be more games thrown into this tier down the line. Everything in the pay what you want section has an OST, while Metal Slug 3 and Fieldrunners 2 OSTs are included in the more expensive tier. The pay what you want tier is easy to recommend thanks to Symphony, and at under $5, the premium tier is solid too — although you might want to wait for later games to be added before going to that instantly.