Try Battlefield 4 For Free On PS3

Dice and EA have a very special treat for PS3 players who are currently subscribed to PS+.  Starting today you’ll be able to download a special Battlefield 4 trial and play the full game for 20 hours.

Dice Community Manager Vincent Vukovic made the announcement on the PS Blog.  The 20 hour period starts the moment you boot up the game with time accumulating as you play the game.  So if you put down your controller for a few hours you won’t be penalized.  This isn’t a demo where only a few maps and weapons are available, this is the full game.  You’ll get to try out the single player campaign, play every game mode, fire every weapon and play on every map that launched with the game.

To download, simply go to the PlayStation Store, search for Battlefield 4, select the trial version and download.  This is a pretty sweet deal, though it would be awesome if it was also extended to PS4 players.