Watch Dogs Face-Off: PC vs. PS4

With the release of the highly anticipated Watch Dogs, we’re sure many gamers have been wondering how it holds up on both current-generation consoles and PC. Both versions look very similar to one another, with obviously the PC version slightly edging out the closed system PS4.

We have captured a few screenshots from both versions (as close as we could), demonstrating the differences between the two. On the left we have the PC version with Ultra graphics, rendered at 1080p and Temporal SMAA. On the right we have the PlayStation 4 version. Make sure to click on the screenshots to view them at full size:

WDImage1-PC WDImage1-PS4

WDImage2-PC WDImage2-PS4

WDImage7-PC WDImage7-PS4

WDImage6-PC WDImage6-PS4

WDImage4-PC WDImage4-PS4

WDImage5-PC WDImage5-PS4

WDImage3-PC WDImage3-PS4

WDImage8-PC WDImage8-PS4