1001 Spikes Release Date Set

Nicalis Inc. has announced that their brutally punishing action-platformer 1001 Spikes will be available on June 3rd for $14.99. Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Steam, 1001 Spikes tells the story of Aban Hawkins, the son of famous archaeologist Jim Hawkins. Aban will journey far and wide across Ukampa, South Africa, discovering lost treasures and secrets as he attempts to locate his missing father. Legends of a mysterious treasure lying behind the Golden Door of Poko-Mum (side note: Poko-Mum is incredibly fun to say) add another layer of depth to Aban’s adventure.

The highlight of 1001 Spikes is the backbreaking level of difficulty, as nearly everything in the environment is intent on killing Aban. Players will only have 1001 lives at their disposal, meaning those who cannot complete the game’s 100 plus levels under this restriction will be forced to start over from scratch. Boasting up to four player co-op, razor-sharp controls, and stylized 8-bit inspired graphics, 1001 Spikes makes discovering its multiple endings both challenging and rewarding.

Players who opt to buy either the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation Vita iterations will gain access to the other PSN version through Cross-Buy. Steam users who purchased either Cave Story or Night Sky will receive a $5 loyalty discount to be used towards the cost of 1001 Spikes.