Bethesda And Battlecry Studios Announce Free-to-Play Title Battlecry

Bethesda Softworks and Battlecry studios have announced Battlecry, a Free-to-Play multiplayer action game for the PC.  The game will feature 32 players slaughtering each other with melee weapons and steampunk inspired ranged weapons.

The world of Battlecry has been devastated by a cataclysmic war.  Gunpowder has been banned leaving melee and steampunk inspired ranged weapons as the only options to settle disputes.  These disputes are settled by elite teams who battle in government sanctioned WarZones.

“The BattleCry team is happy to unveil the game that bears our studio’s name,” Studio Head Rich Vogel said in a statement. “We have been hard at work to create a fresh experience for gamers that brings together multiplayer action with visually stunning combat and are excited to share details about the game and have people play Battlecry in Bethesda’s booth at E3.”

Players will choose either the Royal Marines or Cossacks, and equip them with deadly weaponry.  Swords that turn into shields, steel-piercing arrows and electrified blades are just a few of the weapons a player can equip.  Players will level up their character and customize them with new abilities and status effects, which they will then use in the many different WarZones.

Battlecry goes into beta sometime in 2015, but stay tuned for E3 2014 in less than two weeks when we’ll learn more about the game.  Check out the debut trailer below: