Nintendo Reveals Arbitrary Super Mario 3D World Art Academy Contest Winners

Nintendo has been running a worldwide contest on the Miiverse to see who can draw the best Mario-inspired pictures and the results are finally in. Winning gold is an adorable comic-style picture of Rosalina dressed like a cat:


Sharing first place is this substantially less impressive picture of a group of fiends:

Winning Silver is a a beautiful picture of Mario, Luigi, Toad and Peach in a variety of the game’s costumes:

And also a picture drawn by a five-year-old:

Which was ranked higher than this picture, which was only awarded a bronze medal:

That stunning piece tied with this:

bronze04Which outranked these two Director’s Picks:

director03 director09
So clearly Nintendo either picked the winners by throwing darts at an artboard or they wanted to include everybody, regardless of age and, you know, skill. I suppose it’s nice to give recognition to work clearly done by young children (hopefully, at least), but why not make a section for participation? Why have a sloppy (no offense) crayon sketch outrank work that clearly took days to produce.

Ah well, not like any of this matters — there are no physical prizes/medals/recognition — and it’s gotten us talking about Art Academy, so…Nintendo: 1 Art Community: 0.

Check out the full list of winners here.