Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Possibly Coming To PS4

Agriculturists everywhere are screaming in joy — I’m quite sure. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare was an unexpected and strange addition to the PvZ series. PopCap Games had a vision, and there’s not a living soul that can say they didn’t deliver on that wild dream: a third-person shooter in which unpotted plants limp around and pepper various zombies to death with seed-bullets. Indeed, it exists, and it’s pretty good.

Unfortunatly, those without an Xbox One — or an interest in silly fun — aren’t on board console wise… yet. In a recent bout of tweets, developer/publisher EA revealed some promotional material for the game; two images, both representing the likeness of PlayStation characters: Sly Cooper and Fat Princess. A hint, perhaps?

Additionally, “It’s time for an announcement” was tweeted, and though there hasn’t been much word since, we’re confident that an announcement will make its way into the company’s E3 media briefing on June 9.