Armored Warfare ‘Shattered World’ Trailer Is Brutal

If you’re not excited about Obsidian’s take on the tank battling genre, this trailer just might change your mind. Coupled with a bombastic tune, the short clip showcases the game’s many locales, exploding environments, brutality and more. There’s even some pretty scenery for the pacifists in all of us.

For those unfamiliar folk out there, Armored Warfare is, as mentioned above, a tank battling title from Obsidian. The game will be free-to-play, and feature a myriad of tanks, gameplay modes, maps and upgrades to level through. Perhaps most interesting, however, is the single-player story — and given the company’s history with crafting memorable experiences, that’s no surprise. According to Rich Taylor, the project director at Obsidian Entertainment, the game can be played and enjoyed without ever participating in an online match — though it’s encouraged, and quite frankly, tons of fun.

For more information, read our detailed GDC preview, and watch the trailer below.