Sony Announces PlayStation Plus Adjustment

Sony has revealed that, allegedly in honor of its 4th anniversary, the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection model will change slightly. Instead of each title being available at arbitrary times each month, each free PlayStation Plus game will become available at the beginning of the month and be removed at the month’s conclusion. In addition, each PlayStation system (including the PlayStation 4) will get two free games each month. The long-standing PlayStation Plus titles, notably Resogun and Uncharted 3‘s campaign, will eventually be phased out; it is unclear at this time whether or not year-long free games will be available under the new model.


Trine 2: Complete Story highlights the June 2014 PlayStation Plus Lineup

In terms of free offerings, June is arguably one of the stronger months in recent memory. The PlayStation 4 will be graced with fantastical puzzle-platformer Trine 2: Complete Story and twin-stick shooter Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate (perhaps this will massage Resogun‘s PlayStation Plus removal). PlayStation 3 subscribers will receive the phenomenal NBA-sim NBA 2K14 and glorious 3D platformer Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. Finally, the PlayStation Vita’s Instant Game Collection will include sandbox side-scroller Terraria and throwback 2D platformer Mutant Mudds Deluxe.