Broken Age: Act 1 Released on the OUYA – Company Gifts Codes For Backers and $5 For All

Broken Age’s first act has received rave reviews since its release earlier this year, and now the game’s first act is available on the OUYA as a console-exclusive. This point-and-click game surprisingly doesn’t make use of the controller’s touchpad, and instead uses the left stick for the cursor movement. This setup works really well and allows for folks who normally avoid point-and-click games to have a more accessible way of playing them. The game looks and sounds as good as the PC version, although if you’ve got it on PC already, this is mainly a version you’ll want to play to show the game off to folks on a big-screen TV. The game’s “Captain Sweetie!” line remains the funniest thing I’ve heard in a game all year, and is among my favorite gaming quotes ever that hasn’t become an ironic Shenmue meme. If you already have the game via the Kickstarter, then you’ll get a code for this in an e-mail. It wasn’t originally part of the pledge, but the folks at OUYA opted to give out codes, so yeah – kudos to them for that! They’re also sending out e-mails to OUYA owners with a $5 promo code that is good for anything in the Discover store. The e-mail makes it seems like the code is just good for Broken Age, but after applying the code on, it applied $5 to my total account balance. If there’s a game you’ve had your eye on, now would be the time to get it since very few items on the storefront are over $5.