GRiD Autosport Now Available For Pre-Order – GRiD 2 Owners Get 10% Off

GRiD Autosport is less than a month away, and is now available to pre-order on Steam. As a bonus to long-time series fans, if you already own GRiD 2, you’ll get this with a 10% discount. That would take this $50 game down to $45, and while that’s not quite cheap, any savings is better than none. This incarnation of the series mixes things up with a focus on team-based play. You’ll still have a career mode, and you can focus on one discipline or attempt to conquer them all. Like before, you’ll have a lot of variety in mode selection, and there will be over 100 routes to play as over 22 core locations. If you loved DiRT Showdown, then you’ll be overjoyed to see the return of demolition derby modes here. This is shaping up to be another top-level entry in the series, and if you dug any prior entry, you’ll probably love this.