WildStar Head Start Launch Hit By DDOS Attack

We here at Hardcore Gamer have been mighty hyped for NCsoft’s new MMO WildStar, and we’re not alone. With its skill-based combat, its refined art style, and its charming sense of personality, the game has garnered a lot of attention from MMO fans the world over – quite a feat when you consider it’s a new IP running on a subscription model. Unfortunately, not everyone is quite so enthused. While heavy server loads are to be expected with any online launch, players eager to jump into WildStar’s preorder-only head start found themselves faced with agonizingly long server queues and time outs. The cause? Apparently some unsavory individuals hit the WildStar login servers with a DDOS attack right at launch, causing collateral damage to Guild Wars 2 at the same time.

Though it’s frustrating for a game to run into these kinds of issues on day one, Carbine’s engineers put in hard hours and fixed the issue as quickly as humanly possible. As of this moment, servers are fully operational – although there are still some hefty wait times for the game’s more popular realms. If you’re looking to play with people from the Hardcore Gamer crew, you’ll find Lee and I wandering around the caretaker server over the next couple days as we gear up for our review of the game. If you happen to spot a Mordesh named Arakune, be sure to say hi.