Details of The EA Sports Settlement With NCAA Players Emerge

Back in September, we reported that EA and the Collegiate Licensing Association had agreed to a settlement with the NCAA student athletes who’s images they had been “borrowing” in their NCAA football and basketball games. We knew the settlement was $40 million, but the exact details of the settlement were not released at the time. Over at they have gotten some of the more exact details of the expected settlement, and it is worth a read if you are curious how much your image is worth if you are even featured in a video game. I’m still hoping to be featured in NCAA College Chemistry Student 2014 for some of that sweet, sweet settlement cash.

The way the cash was divided up is dependent on a handful of different factors. The biggest seems to be whether or not the plaintiffs were named or not. Those that were named receive a lot more (up to $15,000) compared to those that were not (less than $2,500). It is also affected by how many plaintiffs end up claiming and what years the players played. Certain players could earn as little as a couple hundred dollars. The NCAA has a similar suit against them but is still not settling.