Take A Look, It’s In A Book…On Your Dedicating Gaming Systeeeeem

If Kickstarter was powered by a fuel source, it would be with the piping hot elixir of nostalgia. If you want a guaranteed successful Kickstarter, what you need is something that was popular more than a decade ago and the promise to return someone involved in the original in some form, even if they are just waving at backers in the pledge video. Just this week, this proved true again when LeVar Burton popped up on Kickstarter and pushed for the return of Reading Rainbow for kids that were too young and lame to have seen it the first time. The Internet responded by looking at each other, reaching into their pockets, and giving him all of the money. LeVar Burton and Reading Rainbow now have all of the money, and they are going to use it to teach your illiterate kid how to read whether you want them to or not.

They reached their $1 million goal almost instantly, which is a good thing for several reasons. First, Reading Rainbow is objectively awesome and no that isn’t just my nostalgia talking. It was a great show that is excellent for getting kids (and me) excited about reading. Additionally, all this extra time gave them sometime to think about including some extras and stretch goals, and one of them should be of interest to gamers. They expanded upon which devices Reading Rainbow will be appearing on, included in the following message on their Kickstarter page:

We’ve been reading your comments and suggestions, and we couldn’t agree more: to be accessible to more kids and families, we need to be on MOBILE DEVICES. We also need to be on ANDROID. And for families and classrooms — especially those that can’t afford computers or tablets for each child — we also need to be on connected devices that can put Reading Rainbow back on the television: both the most common GAMING CONSOLES kids use, like XBOX and Playstation, and on new OVER THE TOP (OTT) BOXES like AppleTV, Roku and Kindle Fire TV.

The most common gaming systems that kids use, huh? Reading Rainbow knows kids love their XBoxes and their Playstations and their Game Boy Advances and whatnot. I’m guessing they mean the Xbox One and the PS4, and the fact they’ve heard of Android leads me to believe that they are in fact not completely technologically inept. It seems kind of odd to be putting Reading Rainbow on any sort of gaming system when the emphasis of Reading Rainbow has always been about getting kids to read and there are very few things you can read on your PS4. Obviously this is a call to get gamers to stop skipping the dialogue to hurry back into the action.

Regardless of how many platforms they bring it to, they are almost certainly going to hit their stretch goal. There is a month left in the campaign and they are already at $3 million with a goal of only $5 million. The difficulty will be coming up with enough stretch goals to match all the money they’ll be making. Personally, I’m hoping they get enough to bring it to the 3DS. Nothing like seeing LaVar Burton in 3D. Go kick in some cash if you haven’t already, and if you manage to scrounge up $10,000 you can get to wear his visor from Star Trek and take pictures with it. That isn’t a joke. Don’t worry, there are better rewards though.