Apple Announces Mac OS X Yosemite

Apple kicked off their Worldwide Developer Conference this morning by announced the latest update for the Mac OS X software.  Nicknamed Yosemite, this OS update introduces some design changes and enhanced connectivity with iOS devices.

Yosemite’s design is similar to iOS 7, which gave iOS and much-needed redesign.  Translucent windows and backgrounds give Mac OS X a sleek, attractive look.  However, it isn’t just the OS’s design that has gotten a major overhaul.  Yosemite also introduces brand new functionality to the platform.

The new iCloud Drive allows you to access files, store data and sync all your devices from anywhere.  This isn’t just limited to iOS and Mac OS X products, but will also be compatible with Windows.  iCloud is being put to use in Yosemite by allowing users to send attachments up to 5GB.  Mac users will get the attachment through iCloud, but non-Mac users will get a link that gives them the attached file.

Mac OS X and iOS have never been closer than with the new Yosemite update thanks to the new Handoff feature.  Handoff allows users to transfer work between an iOS device and a Mac OS X device seamlessly.  When either device is near one another, an icon will be displayed in the corner of the screen.  Swipe it and your work is transferred over.

Apple CEO Tim Cook also took a shot at Microsoft.  According to him, 40 million copies of Mac OS X Mavericks, last years version, have been installed since launch.  He notes that Windows 8 has only seen a 14% install base since it launched.  According to Cook, people are embracing Mac OS X faster than they are Windows 8.

Mac OS X Yosemite launches this fall, though official developers can download it today.  Apple will be holding a beta later this summer.