CivCraft – Legends of Ellaria’s Kickstarter Needs Your Help

The folks at Larkon have until June 23 to get $150,000 and they’re only around $5,400 of the way there. If you’re into either RTS or FPS games, then CivCraft might just be a game you want to pledge money for.  It’s got a traditional fantasy RPG setting, but with an FPS sandbox game built into it. You can choose how to play and how to accomplish your tasks, with your end goal being to rebuild an entire kingdom.

If you prefer a first-person view, then you’ll be glad to know you can switch between it or a more traditional overhead RTS view on the fly.  You can also craft your own story if you do desire.  Character and item crafting is in the game too and that enables you to put your own stamp on everything in the game.

The goal is to bring it to PC, Mac, and Linus at first. If it does really well, then it could hit the Xbox 360, PS3, and tablets as well.  Given that the stretch goal for that is $1 million dollars though, it doesn’t seem like that will be done anytime soon. For $20, you get a copy of the game and early access to a beta as well. This is an early backer reward tier though, as it would usually cost $25.  $35 gets you all of that, an OST, and a concept artbook as well. $50 gets you everything there, plus alpha access and all of the game’s DLC. I think the best overall value is the $35 tier, as it’s not a lot higher than the basic game tier, and you get a lot more for your money.