Mafia II Gets 75% Off Sale on Steam

Mafia II may not be the newest game on the market, but it is the best old tyme sandbox game you can buy. It’s got a fairly compelling story and really feels like a game set during the height of the New York mafia. Of course, here you’re in Empire City, which bears absolutely no resemblance to New York in any way, shape, form, or fashion. If you’ve got a passion for the mafia, you’ll love this game although folks raised on faster-paced sandbox games like the GTA series will have a tough time adjusting to the slower-paced driving and pacing of the game. At $7.50 for the base game and $10 for the deluxe edition, it’s definitely worth spending a bit more to upgrade here since it’s only $2.50 more. With how poor the weeklong sale games are this week, it’s easy to recommend this game above everything that’s listed in that sale.