Mario Kart 8 Becomes Fastest Selling Wii U Game, Nobody Surprised

It’s no secret that the Wii U is selling poorly. The console’s struggle has been something of an internet spectacle, constantly at the forefront of media nitpicking. However, and while it’s certainly not Nintendo’s crowning achievement in the sales department, those who have tinkered with the tablet-bearing device can agree that, even with its limited appeal when compared with current gen-power, the Wii U is incredible in its own right. And no game to date has been capable of proving so quite like Mario Kart 8.

Since it’s launch on May 29, the title has sold over 1.2 million copies — the strongest sales of any Wii U game. Indeed, it’s unlikely that Mario Kart 8 — despite its many levels of greatness — will break any company records, it’s entirely possible that, perhaps, the game will be the Wii U’s catalyst, and push the console value a few notches toward improved sales.

In that regard, and with Smash Bros. on the way, the Wii U may very well have been rescued by Nintendo’s ridiculous attention to both technical detail and friendly fun. And while it’s far from surprising considering the franchises’ history, Mario Kart 8 is indeed the console selling title demanded by hesitant purchasers. Hopefully the first of many.