Natsume Reveals It Has 3 Nintendo Games In Development

Speaking on the the company’s community tumblr, a Natsume representative has revealed that the company has three brand new games in the works for Nintendo platforms. No specifics were given, but there were several hints:

We’re saving a few secrets for closer to the show, but expect not one, not two, but THREE new Nintendo titles we’ll be announcing leading up to and at the show! This doesn’t include any classic eShop titles (and we’ll have some news on those as well).  Will they be 3DS, Wii U, or a mix of the two, you ask? You’ll have to tune in from now until June 10th to find out! 😀

For fans of Natsume games, like the long-running Harvest Moon and the recent 3DS title Hometown Story, this is very exciting news. Look out for more information on these three new games, as well as the teased eShop releases, in the coming days.